Sebastian Cano-Besquet is a Los Angeles-born and based composer. His father was an Italian music producer from Milan (producer of Adriano Celentano, Nikka Costa, The Giants, etc.) and his American mother is a multi-lingual singer/songwriter. Cano-Besquet grew up in an environment of popular and commercial music performance and recording. Classically trained at Yale and in Paris in the world of European and American avant-garde concert music, and then at USC’s prestigious film scoring program (Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television) in the legacy of the Hollywood sound, Cano-Besquet has refined a sensibility all his own. While still an undergraduate, he worked with film composer Tyler Bates during his scoring of Zack Snyder's Watchmen, and the hit game, Rise of the Argonauts. Since that time, Cano-Besquet has worked on a plethora of short films, full-length features, games and television series. His career as a composer and music department first stringer has included work for Nakamoto Music Group and the Japanese percussion ensemble KODO, Jon Ehrlich, Edward Shearmur, Deborah Lurie, and many others.


In 2012, Cano-Besquet began a close working relationship with legendary Hollywood composer Christopher Young. He served in a variety of roles during the completion of Sinister, Scott Derrickson’s intimate horror/suspense film, which featured a musique-concrète style electronic score. He composed his first television score in 2013 for an hour-long drama TV pilot, Boots, for string orchestra and solo colors, which was a winner at the Burbank International Film Festival.  Cano-Besquet has continued to work with Christopher Young on a number of films including Gods Behaving Badly, Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas, the international box office success, The Monkey King, and most recently the Syfy Channel original series, Dominion. Other highlights from his music department career include orchestrating for the Marc Cherry show Devious Maids and composing additional music for the upcoming Amazon Prime pilot Just Add Magic.


Sebastian Cano-Besquet is a rare composer who has a unique ability to balance emotion, the drama in storytelling, and musical branding. He achieves an ideal blend of transparency and presence, serving both the immediacy of the picture and establishing a musical brand for the project the will stay long after the experience is over. Cano-Besquet also enjoys being a musician on his own scores whenever possible, principally as a keyboardist. Employing styles that range from Romantic, lush orchestra and period music to progressive rock, he feels at home with large orchestras and unusual, quirky chamber ensembles. 


Avidly immersed in popular culture and literature, Sebastian has an uncanny connection to human feeling; a window into how to move us with sound that will surely carry him far in the field of media composition. His original music will make you feel, yearn, hope, laugh, despair, and dream. Sebastian Cano-Besquet is a vibrant, experienced composer who brings colorful melodies, sounds and textures, stirring ideas and clear and moving emotions to film, television, video games and multimedia.